Cherokee Does the Unthinkable @ Ghetto Gaggers (Video)

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. The black girl who said she’d never go the way of Lacey Duvalle and degrade herself by doing a Gaggers scene has done what?

A Ghetto Gaggers scene.

Cherokee got down with TWO white guys (one wasn’t enough?) who fucked her throat mercilessly until she threw up and then spit on her after they busted nuts all in her face. Nice. These are the same cats who ran Lacey Duvalle back into retirement, so this could be the last we see of Cherokee for a while.

Get a second Cherokee video clip under the cut and see her big ass clap when she rides a dick.

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Download this Cherokee Ghetto Gaggers video

Cherokee is one of the top ebony pornstars today. She is known for having the biggest fucking ghetto ass there is. She did all types of booty crap, but she never got destroyed by two white boys in a gag scene. As a matter of fact, she was actually quoted saying she would never do a gag scene… Until she met us. We gagged her good and fucked that big ghetto black ass until it was gaped. We turned her into a pile of puke, and topped it off with some huge amounts of nut. Another famous ebony pornstar GHETTO GAGGED!

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77 Responses to “Cherokee Does the Unthinkable @ Ghetto Gaggers (Video)”

  1. crazy says:

    um ok so for one they are not racist becuz they have two other sites where they choke white girls and latinas its not just black girls so you should chek it out this shit is funny to me

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  3. nobody says:

    These guys are playing with fire. One of these days they’re going to get seriously fucked up.

  4. just saying says:

    yea i agree with u “crazy”. some people like different things and they are catering to clients with an extreme ebony taste.
    And “nobody” stop talking shit, nobody is gonna fuk them up, it looks like they been fuking up these ebony princesses for years.

  5. David Ruffin says:

    Somebody should kill them.

  6. sweetestmerlot says:

    i actually just shot with ghetto gaggers and i have to say these guys r not the horrible racist a**holes you think they are i had a great time shooting with them and have plans to shoot with them again soon will it be for GG? probably not only because i did that first but i will b making the rounds on their sister sites

  7. renoldgod says:

    thoso white boys aint do shit to them girls/hustlers who would have done with anybody with cash. More proof that HOES WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR CASH $$$$$$.

  8. anti-David Ruffin says:

    “David Ruffin” these women agreed to do these scenes and were paid for them. I bet you have no problem with black men having sex with white women. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

  9. says:

    Women WILL do anything for cash. Men DO like that as equally as they disrespect it. With porn full of white whores filling up on balck cock for taboo, why the sh*t about it being racist when it’s the other way around? Consenting women. Acting like soulless meat. Meat gets pounded. Pounds convert to dollars.

  10. Franklin Anderson says:

    My sexy black wife wants to do ghettogaggers. Does anyone have contact info for them? She’s dark chocolate, 40D-25-44, 5’3, loves white dick. I love watching her fuck whites. Yes I’m black. There’s plenty of brothers that like that. If u have contact info or will be in North Texas write us at

  11. ed says:

    never heard any of the GG stars say “STOP” “Dont” “Wait” “NO”. u think cherokee never heard about lacey at GGers? Sky Black?. They’re not surprising them gals. I had at least a clue what i was gonna see when i clicked the link. yes it was more than i expected to see. (only cause I thought “Wow, someone actuallly gets off on this”) i didnt expect to see vommit eating, spitting. I only expected rougher than usual face pounding. but anyway. I dont think its ever been a bait and switch for these disgruntled GGer starlettes. They knew what they were getting into, they thought they could handle it and couldnt. All you Captain Save a “H” should get a real girl and quit thinking of these starlettes as your girlfriend needing to be rescued from Da Wite Man

  12. BigKeith says:

    Those hoes definitely know what they are doing. I don’t feel sorry for them and I’m Black. I could care less who dog’em because i want to do the same to them too. But the guys at GG does appear to be racist with their many comments. I don’t recall any Black on White porn where the guys are putting down the White women verbally (making generalizations about their entire race) the same way the guys at GG does to the Black women. If anyone know of any, lay it out there. Thanks!

  13. FATTPUSSY says:


  14. Gregg Luongo says:

    Nobody ever asks the Queens of Porn why they want to do scenes for Ghetto Gaggers. I feel that they Disrepect All of the African-American Queens that do scenes for them. I wish that they would treat the ladies like Queens!!!

  15. Gregg Luongo says:

    I hated the way they did Cherokee D Ass. She deserves alot of Respect 4 Real!!!

  16. lasco says:

    relax pple,its just porn..besides these same white guys do the same shit to white girls in while i find these scenes disgusting if someone jerks of to it..power 2 them

  17. voxel says:

    hey guys it’s a fantasy…get a grip

  18. TallFatBlackMan says:

    @BigKeith-I’m a black man and whats stopping any black man(or men-joint investment) with cash from making a porn site abusing white women and puting down their whole race?-fact is this is America and there is no law against paying hoes to “pretend” like they like being abused.If the black hoes dont care about being called ra ial names,why should we?-the bottom line is money!-this is porn people the most low life bull shit industry in America.

  19. ryder says:

    @ tallfat.. and bigkeith. im black, nd i do agree. BUT yu men talk about porn as if it would be moral or correct under any circumstances, not possible. Both the WHITE men and BLACK women are selling their bodies to the world-MONEY AND THE GREED FOR MORE IS THE DRIVE. The women wouldnt have signed up for the scene, the videos and pictures wouldnt have been copyrighted, and the producer would a fat ass lawsuit on their hands if this mess wasnt legal and acted out. Let it be what it is, entertainment

  20. ryder says:


  21. I shot a white person with a shot gun and nobody till this day knows about it. IT WAS YOUR MOMMA ! LOL

  22. Anonymous says:

    She a whore I fucked wit day crew

  23. nick bell says:

    this is what a good many black women have become for that all mighty dollar. welcome to the good ole USA

  24. horny as fuck says:

    It was my fantasy to see cherokee fucked hard yet i can’t watch this video i’ve searched every where , someone please

  25. hollywood94 says:

    now first of all just because a woman loves sex does not give two hating ass white boys to take advantage of a woman according to the story cheorkee the actress changed her mind about the scene now if she did try to get out of this situation and they took it that’s rape all day long someone is going to put a bulllet in those white boys head its just a matter of time these fagget motherfuckers really hate black people and take it out on black women they try to be slick about it. that’s not porn at all that is tourcher i”m glad my sister is not in porn because i would blow those white boys hesd off their bodies if it was my sister or wife

  26. wow says:

    u faggots need to get a grip. this a porn for fucks sake! the nasty bitch wanted to do this nasty shit. Lolz i like how that idiot commented “she deserves respect”. Shes a porn whore! Shes doing this for money. Obviously she thought she could handle like the rest of the others ebony sluts just because its white dudes. Heh. Theres millions of videos of white girls getting pounded by black dudes. So how the fuck is this racist. The idiot who thinks this as racist, ARE THE REAL racists!!! Get the fuck over it u whiney little fags. Lolz im almost fell outta my chair about the moron (hollywood) commented above me…hes gonna blow these white guy’s head off IF THEY HAVE SEX WITH A BLACK WOMEN/Girl? RACIST ASSHOLE. This was a hardcore porn. I say the dudds scored high destroying that big booty. It was a challenge i suppose. they succeeded.

  27. hollywood94 says:

    first of all porn is porn and tourcher is tourcher and color is not the issue here its about respect and these guys take porn and torcher and mix it together and if these bitch ass faggots get off on throwing up on well known pornstars as they did to these two women you can belive one thing those women have parents just like most women and belive me if one of them had ben my woman those brothers would be on the run because i would blow his fucking ead off without thinking.they will get what comming to them its just a matter of time

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