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Wifey Material: ATK Exotics Kendra

Light skinned black girl
Light skinned black girl Kendra @ ATK Exotics

Yep, I’d wife that. Kendra is representing for all the freckle-faced, light-skinned girls. There’s something about a black girl with freckles that makes her seem cuter than the average redbone.

No shade to any pornstars, but Kendra has that all-natural, good girl look. She looks like she eats right, goes to bed on time, and doesn’t wake up smelling like Tanqueray and cigarettes.

Of course she has to have a little bit of freak inside or else she wouldn’t be here spreading her pussy in front of a camera. That redbone pussy looks like it tastes like peppermint candy. Get into it at ATK Exotics.

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Flexing with Ebony Model Shay at ATK Exotics

Ebony model Shay at ATK Exotics
Ebony model Shay for ATK Exotics

I don’t know if you’re enjoying these ATK Exotics posts, but I damn sure am.

Classy black model Mia was for all you lingerie lovers. Then Bella Moretti was for all of you who love a Las Vegas stripper turned pornstar. And next up is ebony model Shay.

Shay is a sexy redbone with big tits and long legs that look like they would wrap around you twice. She’s flexible like a gymnast, so they oiled her down from head to toe and let her show you how she can spread like butter. Being flexible in bed is always a good look. You can just do more freaky stuff. Like put your legs behind your head and let him beat the pussy up while you’re in the pretzel position.

Enjoy these pics of Shay showing off her flex game!

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Redbone Black Pussy Gets Wet at the Gloryhole

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I’m on a roll with these redbones lately, so I figured I’d drop this Jayla Starr video for all of you who love those redbone freaks.

Jayla Starr is a black and Korean mixed redbone girl and she’s proved time and time again that she’s a down for whatever type of chick. This is her second video for Gloryhole Initiations and if you like the kind of wet black pussy that will soak through the sheets, then Jayla Starr is your girl.

She wipes her dripping pussy squirt on the dick and even licks her pussy juice off the wall. Nasty redbone freak doesn’t even begin to describe Jayla Starr. You’ve got to experience this for yourself.

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Redbone Freak Gets Her Pussy Drilled

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Can I put just the tip in? Hell no! This redbone freak wants the whole dick!

Here are a couple of video clips to go along with yesterday’s cute redbone post.

You know what’s hot about these videos? The way she’s all spread-eagle giving up the pussy to his tongue and then his dick.

She goes crazy grinding her pussy on his finger and pushing her clit into his mouth while he’s finger fucking her. But the real redbone freak comes out when he gives her the dick. She rides his dick with her legs in the air so you can see her pussy stretch around his thick dick and the deeper he goes in that black pussy, the more noise she makes.

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Cute Redbone Takes Dick in the Booty

cute redbone at Round and Brown
Cute redbone for Round and Brown


We’re long overdue for some redbone pussy on Black Girl Juice. Light-skinned dudes go in and out of season, but redbone black girls are always in style.

Zazha is a cute redbone with light eyes that you could get lost in. When she turns those eyes in your direction, you get hypnotized and before you know it, your pants are around your ankles and your dick is in her hands. She puts that Creole voodoo shit on your ass!

Round and Brown is all about the booty and when you’ve got a light-skinned ass at your fingertips, you’d better give her some anal sex. For some reason, a black anal scene at Round and Brown is a pretty rare thing.

That Aurora Jolie anal was one of the first and then there was this black girl taking dick in her ass and now this cute redbone getting dick in her booty. They need to do more anal, but when they do come through with an anal scene, they really know how to put it down.

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cute redbone at Round and Brown
Cute redbone for Round and Brown

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