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Nouvelle Rouge is Miss Pretty Pussy

Pretty black pussy
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Novelle Rouge has on exactly what I like to see girls wearing — nothing but a smile. And why shouldn’t she be smiling? She has Mr. Marcus’ dick buried balls-deep in her pretty black pussy. I’d be grinning from ear-to-ear too.

The prettier a girl is on the outside, the freakier she is on the inside. Nouvelle Rouge is as pretty as they come. This ain’t no ghetto hoodrat — on the outside — but get her behind closed doors and she’s down to do some hoodrat shit. Download this Nouvelle Rouge video and watch her pretty black pussy get split

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Raven from Rock of Love and Charm School @ Ghetto Gaggers

Raven from Rock of Love and Charm School at Ghetto Gagger porn site

I’m freely admit that I don’t watch Rock of Love or Charm School. If it ain’t Flava Flav and Hoopz, then I don’t give a fuck.

So when I heard that some girl from Rock of Love and Charm School 2 had done some hoodrat shit for Ghetto Gaggers, I really didn’t give a fuck. But I knew some of you would.

Before she started doing humiliating herself for money on VH1, Raven aka Fiona went to Ghetto Gaggers and decided to humiliate herself for money on a porn site.

The part that kills me is that her Raven’s Rock of Love bio says that she “tries to act rationally in the face of conflict”.

Does this shit look rational to you?

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Where ‘Dem Dollas at White Boy!

Thick black stripper

It ain’t trickin’ if you got it!

White boys don’t know how to act in the strip club. They get around all that thick black ass and damn near lose their muthafuckin’ minds.

They are always guaranteed to pick out the biggest hoodrat with the fattest ass and the most kids.

You think there’s no sex in the champagne room? Maybe not for Chris Rock. But if you got a pocket full of cash, you can have anything you want. There are some strip clubs where everything on stage is for sale. You just gotta know how to ask.

This thick black stripper from Miami worked the pole and jiggled her ass in a white boy’s face until he put some money on it and made that pussy open up. Download this big booty stripper video @ Round and Brown to see her put all that black ass on a white boys face

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Black stripper sucking dick in the club

Bisexual Black Freaks Suck Dick and Swap the Sperm

Bisexual black girls fucking
Bisexual black girls fucking

I love some freaky bisexual and lesbian girls. These two black girls didn’t just stop at dyking out with each other. They shared a dick too!

One girl sucked his dick while her friend finger-fucked her pussy and licked his balls at the same time. Now THAT’s a multi-tasker!

If you ever thought black girls don’t like swallowing sperm, just take a look at this movie. These black girls don’t just swallow it, but they play with eat and eat it up like they can’t get enough. He busts a nut in one girl’s mouth and she cumswaps it back into her friends mouth with a lesbian kiss.

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Juicy and Liani are two ghetto hoodrats who tapped out of so we had them do a swallow scene for What I love about black chicks and cum are most of them pretend to not like it. Deep down inside they really do, and they do things with us that they would never do with a brotha. We had these two hoes share a pole after some ghetto lesbian action. When it came time to receive the white man’s load they opened wide and took every drop. To our surprise, they began to swap it back and forth like it was the latest flavor of Kool Aid. After it went back and forth several times, she swallowed it like a good obedient hood rat. They were surprised they engaged in such behavior, but the hoodrat is programmed to love the white cock. Click here to download these black girls swallowing cum movies and watch black girls choke down big, juicy loads of cum

Amateur Ebony Ass

Black booty curious
Cute amateur ebony girl with a phat ass

Who does this girl remind you of? Any guesses? The second I saw her, she reminded me of Hoopz, prize-winning hoodrat from the first season of Flava of Love.

Unlike Hoopz, this girl actually looks kind of innocent. She’s definitely wifey material with that phat ass poking out of her panties.

That’s not the only part of her anatomy that’s phat. Take a look at the full-size pics. Her pussy is so fat that it looks like she’s smuggling something in her panties.


These amateur black girls are built like a brick shit-house
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I’ve recently become obsessed with amateur girls. Don’t get me wrong, I still love pornstars like Cherokee, Lacey Duvalle, and Delotta Brown. But sometimes I want to see a real, round the way chick who hasn’t been run through by a bunch of niggas who I can identify just by looking at their dicks (Wesley, Lex, Mr. Marcus…you feel me?).

I’m about to post up some real regular looking girls over the next few days. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, I don’t give a fuck check the black pornstar archives.

Black booty curious
Cute amateur ebony girl with a phat ass

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