Is Coffee Brown an Undercover Freak?

Coffee Brown for ATK Exotics
Dark-skinned ebony Coffee Brown for @ ATK Exotics

The first time we met Coffee Brown, it was under much freakier circumstances. She was getting pissed on, y’all.

I don’t side-eye anyone for being a freak, but looking at these cute little bikini pics, you would never guess that this is the same chick who was drinking piss before.

Coffee Brown looks like a regular pretty chick — chocolate brown skin and a natural body with real tits. She looks damn near perfect.

Let this be a lesson: that sweet girl you’re getting ready to introduce to mom dukes might just be an undercover freak and a secret pee lover.

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Mya G Has a Handful of Ass for You and You and You Too!

Mya G video - Bootylicious Mag
Watch the x-tra large 640×360 Mya G video

Whenever I see Mya G, I just want to reach into the computer screen and grab a whole handful of ass. Actually, make that two handfuls. Those thick, baby-making hips and wide ass requires both hands if you want to hold all of it.

The guys at Bootylicious Mag can recognize a great ass when they see one. They gave you Keita Eden, Joei Deluxxxe, and now they’ve blessed us this video from big booty queen Mya G.

Mya G is a thick girl — not fat, just the perfect amount of thickness. She’s the kind of chick who won’t pass up a good meal, but she knows she has to get that ass in the gym to keep it looking right.

You could worship her ass all day, but in this video, Mya G puts it down and shows you that her thick black girl body was made for breaking the bed frame.

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Lauren London – Black Celebrity Tribute Post

Lauren London for King Magazine
Lauren London for King Magazine

Before she was Lil’ Wayne’s baby mama, she was “New New” in the ATL movie with T.I. Lauren London has always been a cutie. She’s got those deep dimples and she seems like a sweet girl with a seriously sexy side.

Enjoy these pics of Lauren London.

Maliah Michel for Smooth Girl

Maliah Michel for Smooth Girl Magazine
Maliah Michel for Smooth Girl Magazine

We could all use a little more Maliah Michel in our lives. Maliah Michel posed for Smooth Girl and proved that in addition to being a bangin’ body and a pretty face, she’s also a beast in the bedroom.

Maliah also talked about threesomes, sexual experimentation, and showed everyone why she truly is wifey material.

Maliah Michel on oral sex:

“I love giving oral sex and receiving it. I’m a pleaser. I try to be the best at what I do. Go hard or go home.”

Maliah Michel on threesomes:

“I would love to watch a male friend have sex with another woman. That would turn me on.”

Gizelle Has Ass For Days

Big ass teen Gizelle for Round and Brown
Big ass teen Gizelle for Round and Brown

Move over Cherokee. Sit down, Mz. Booty. Have a seat, Pebbelz.

Gizelle just shut it down for the big booty girls this week. Gizelle is young and tender but her ass is full grown. Round and Brown doesn’t usually have girls this thick, but when you’re carrying around a big ol’ donkey butt like this, you get a special pass.

Gizelle is oiled up like one of Butterball’s finest for this scene with JMac and he better put on some protective gear before he tries to slip n’ slide between those ass cheeks.

Watch Gizelle at Round and Brown.

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