Hot Black Girl Pissed On and Loving It!

black girl pissed on
Black girl pissed on courtesy of Pissing

I’m always looking for something new and kinky for you guys and I can’t think of anything kinkier than a hot black girl getting pissed on.

This girl Coffee Brown is a straight up FREAK! She loves getting pissed on and drinking piss and doesn’t care who does it — the more the merrier.

So they lined up a couple of guys for some boy/girl pissing and a couple of girls for some girl/girl pissing and they all gave her a golden shower all over her body and in her mouth.

They started off pissing on her clothes and when her clothes were soaking wet with urine, she took those off and they pissed all over her bare skin. Annie Cruz pissed on her face she opened her mouth so that she could taste her golden nectar. She even spread her ass cheeks and felt that hot pee splashing on her rectum from the guy pissing in her asshole.

How much does she love getting pissed on?

Well, she opened wide and smiled while they were peeing all over her pearly white teeth. By the end of the shoot, Coffee Brown was covered in piss and cum like a filthy, dirty whore. Click here to watch this hot black girl pissed on video

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black girl pissed on
Black girl pissed on courtesy of Pissing

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  3. lindsay says:

    i’m not really that much into pissing but coffee brown is pretty! me and my husband are always looking for sexy black (or latina) girls and not the stereotypical babrbie dolls in porn, so we’re gonna have to check out more of her!

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