Candace Von Tests Her Limits

Candace Von tests her limits with big tit bondage at Hogtied
Candace Von tests her limits with big tit bondage at Hogtied

I happen to love black BDSM. I know it’s a little off the beaten path, but whenever I see a black girl at Hogtied or one of the other fetish sites, I have to do a post about it. I like seeing black pornstars who are willing to explore something new and test their limits. Jada Fire has done it, Marie Luv has done it, Stacey Cash too, and now here Candace Von is getting tied up and dominated.

Candace Von is a novice submissive, so she can’t take as much pain as a true pain slut, but its exciting to see her reaction to getting her big tits whipped with a cat o’ nine tails and then see her reaction to having the orgasms forced out of her one after the other until its painful just to cum.

Candace Von got in touch with her inner submissive in these BDSM training vids.

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With in two weeks you have now witnessed both extremes to how well some one can handle Hogtied. Some can take it, and keep on taking it, others are lovers and don’t understand why you are hurting them, they like cock and want cock.

We go back to the basics with Candace. Bondage and pleasure. Every one suffers at a different level, We are the best in the world at reading models and getting everything we can out of them, from the most extreme to the timid. Candace gave all she could, and we thank her for it!

Download bondage videos from Jada Fire, Marie Luv, Stacey Cash, and more!

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