The Darker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice

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I brought dark-skinned cutie Cashmere back for some more pics. This time…not just nudes because the girl loves to fuck too.

I got mad love for the brothas and I love black-on-black sex (like this or this), but skin this dark looks amazing against a white dick.

Those dark lips wrap around his dick and leave traces of her lipstick all the way around his thick shaft, but its when she finally gets that vanilla dick inside her pussy that we really start to see how much she loves dick.

When she starts to bounce her ass on his dick and grind her pussy on it, something starts to happen deep inside her pussy. Her pussy starts to quiver and clench to hard that it practically makes the dick pop out of her warm, wet hole. Can you see the cream dripping out of her pussy running down his white dick? That’s how you know she’s loving this white dick just as much as he’s loving this dark pussy. Are you ready to download this video and see a dark-skinned black girl drip cum all over a white dick

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This dark-skinned girl deserves a bit of cream in her coffee. How would you suggest giving it to her? How about a load of thick, white cum shot all across her black ass? It’s like cream in a cup of espresso!

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Watch Cashmere let the sex panther out and fuck the shit out of this white dick!

Dark skinned black girl
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