Delotta Brown is as Nasty as They Come

Delotta Brown gloryhole
Delotta Brown gloryhole pics courtesy of Gloryhole-Initiations

Any day is a good day for some Delotta-MUTHAFUCKIN-Brown!

Me and Delotta Brown go way back — all the way back to one of her first scenes for BangBros. I loved her big natural black tits back then and I love seeing her drip cum all over those funbags today.

Sucking dick through a hole in the wall really seems to have brought out the nasty side of Delotta Brown. She stuck her tongue out to get that big dick down her throat and then swallowed it until her her lips kissed the crusty truck-stop wall.

Nasty? Hell, muthafukin’ yes she is. But don’t act like you wouldn’t stick your dick through a gloryhole if you knew her juicy lips were waiting to suck your dick on the other side. Delotta Brown and her sloppy head skills will have you convinced that you just hit the black girl blowjob jackpot. Click here to see more black girls sucking white dick gloryhole videos

Download this Delotta Brown video and see her suck gloryhole dick and get cum all over those tits

Delotta Brown gloryhole
Delotta Brown gloryhole pics courtesy of Gloryhole-Initiations

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10 Responses to “Delotta Brown is as Nasty as They Come”

  1. Derrick says:

    What a waste. A beautiful woman like that should be more than a whore

  2. Soap Box Bob says:

    And I’m sure she is, to the people in her life . . . You’re just not one of them, Derrick.

  3. HONEY says:

    HAHA…I am really starting to like you Soap Box Bob

  4. Derrick says:

    And that’s why my AIDS test comes back clean Soap box and yours is a time bomb ticking. Oh and Honey it’s bad enough your’e a slut and an embarrasment to your family and race don’t be a follower as well.

  5. HONEY says:

    How am I a slut and an embarrassment? You’re the one passing judgment on pornstars with one hand while you beat off with the other one. GTFOH!

  6. richy says:

    man I love my life I love eatin pussy my girl even lets me eat her friends and other women non of my friends are guys they think its weird and im being a bitch but I dont cure I like lickin pussy and thats all that matters. me and my girl have bean liven this way for 8 months now I feel like a stud or something and I just cant bevel most guys dont eat pussy and I love gettin facesitting its the best.

  7. Jay T says:

    shit glory hole looks nasty I think women need to respect them self’ a little more

  8. ilaya says:

    most underrated stuff in porn… ebony chicks getting fucked by BIG white dicks!!!
    love these scene!!

  9. HONEY says:

    Hey ilaya…it’s not that underrated. I know I LOVE it. If you want to see more white on black, you should check out our Black Girls White Guys blog.

  10. ilaya says:

    thanks honey,even as a black guy i just think black guys fucking white chicks is too common and can get boring sometimes…lately i jerk of best when huge white dicks fuck black chicks,its rare that must be why its so sizzling

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