Vanity is a Sin

Tonight, I’m living in a fantasy./My own little nasty world/Tonight, don’t u wanna come with me?/Do u think I’m a Nasty Girl?

Vanity is known for the sexy 80′s girl group, Vanity 6, orchestrated by the purple one himself. The girls were known for performing half-naked in lingerie, garters, and finger-gloves. Trash-tastic 80′s at it’s best! Vanity has since gone on to become a born-again Christian, but her movie nudes live on.

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Date of birth: 01/04/1959

Place of birth: Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada

Bio: You’re so vain, Denise Katrina Matthews! You probably think this bio is about you–and you’re right! Former front-woman of the sexplicitly delicious girl group Vanity 6, this nasty girl has every reason to be proud. Previously known as Vanity, as she was christened by The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, in the ’80s Denise was an international sex symbol best known for her bone inducing lyrics, nipple peaking lingerie and in your face ass (and bare to boot) during performances. Denise went from displaying A on stage, directly to B movies. She showed her handful of hershey kisses (more black celebrity nudes)

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