Stacey Dash Does Playboy

Stacey Dash to appear in Playboy

The last time we saw Stacey Dash, she was running through the airport in Kanye West’s All Falls Down video. Those slo-mo booty jiggling shots were much appreciated. Now, we’ll get to see the former Clueless star in something even more revealing. She has shot a spread for Playboy magazine that will be hitting newsstands this summer.

First Vida and now Stacey Dash. Playboy has really been on point lately with putting more ethnic women in their pages.

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  1. [...] Yeah, I know we got to see all of Stacey Dash’s goodies when she took it all off for Playboy magazine. But that’s not the first time she’s been naked in front of the camera. Way back in 1995, she took it off for the silver screen. And if those Playboy photos are any indication, the 40 year old Stacey Dash is still as fine as she was back then. Sexiness preserved! [...]

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