Halle Berry Nude in Monster’s Ball

So Halle Berry is preggers and got knocked up by her white model boy-toy. Well, the girl is bi-racial and this isn’t the first time she’s tasted white meat. Remember Monster’s Ball? Billy Bob Thorton hit it so good from the back he made her talk like a slave. “Make me feel gooood.” HAH! Get a look at a Halle Berry nude now because after she births the bambino, she’ll never be the same again. Join me in pouring out a little liquor for Halle Berry’s tits.

Halle Berry nude in the movie Monster’s Ball
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Date of birth: 08/14/1966

Place of birth: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Bio: Halle Berry started out on the beauty pageant circuit, representing Ohio in the Miss USA contest. She may have been runner-up in that contest, but Mother Nature blessed her with some incredibly winning booby prizes. Halle portrayed weather-controlling mutant Storm in X-Men (2000) X2 (2003), in which she lives up to her billing as every meteorologist’s worst nightmare–and Mr. Skin’s wettest dream! She scored an Oscar for her performance in Monster’s Ball (2001), which included an all-time award-worthy sex scene wherein Billy Bob Thornton’s character did a racist 180 once he got a taste of Halle’s soul food.

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A-list actress Halle Berry got nude in the movie Monster’s Ball. See more pics of Billy Bob Thorton hitting it from the back and other nude black celebs

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  1. [...] also a high probability that she’s completely bat shit crazy. I mean, just look at Halle Berry for [...]

  2. I thought Halle Berry was in a great caring relationship with views of a long term marriage. Seems like there are not such things as joyful marriages similar to ours any longer – twenty years as one and even now on cloud nine.

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