Wifey Material: Thick Booty Thalia Tate

thick black girl Thalia Tate
Thick black girl Thalia Tate for Chunk in the Trunk

Thalia Tate should always enter a room ass first. She’s got the kind of ass that makes men write songs, rob banks, and recite sonnets.

She could walk into a room yelling “put ya money on the floor” and start bouncing that ass and I bet you $100 she’d have every pocket on empty. That ass is gangsta.

With an ass this size, girls usually have a pair of big tits to balance it all out. Thalia Tate has what I’d call “itty-bitty titties” — they’re there, but you ain’t getting more than a mouthful. She might have small tits, but those B-cups are sitting on top of an ass so big that when she walks it throws off her whole balance.

Girls who have an ass like this, don’t even need a pretty face. You could look like a she-wolf in the face and big butt lovers would give you a pass. Unfortunately for your wallet, Thalia Tate has both. Big ass. Small waist. Cute face. This pretty motherfucker is wifey material!

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