Osa Lovely Black Anal Drilling

Osa Lovely black anal
Osa Lovely black anal courtesy of 40oz. Bounce

Osa Lovely has come a long way baby. From riding fucking machines to taking a real dick…in the ASS no less.

If Osa Lovely showed up in ICU wearing a nurse’s uniform, she’d be passing out instant heart attacks. But seeing her dark chocolate skin in that white nurse uniform is the sexiest thing they would see before going on to glory.

Her ass must be where she keeps the medicine, because she had him drilling her asshole and fuck the shit out of her like he was hoping to start a leak. Click here to download this black anal video

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Nurse Osa Lovely has a hard job as a care taker at the insane asylum. When one of the patients shows just how hard he wants to make things on Osa, she makes sure he gets special treatment. With a luscious black ass and a dripping wet pussy like Osa’s, it’s no wonder these guys go crazy! All Osa wants is to be surrounded by nuts…

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