Finally…Some Anal at Round and Brown

Black girl takes a dick in her ass

Round and Brown has so many black asses at their fingertips that it’s a shame they don’t do more anal scenes. And don’t come at me with that “black girls don’t do anal” shit. I know plenty of freaks who like to catch ass babies.

I guess Aurora Jolie was one of the first Round and Brown girls to tell them to skip the pussy and go straight up the dirt road.

After that, I guess someone finally wised up and said “hey…we’ve got so many of these big booty bitches at our disposal, let’s start fucking them in the ass”.

This week’s update is an anal scene and it is FIYAH! This girl Kiki has small tits but that dark brown bubble booty more than makes up for it. I guess she’s trying to overcompensate for her small titty situation because she has no problem letting this dude run all up in her rectum.

It’s hard to concentrate on tits when your dick is balls-deep in a black girl’s asshole. [Download the full video and ask for more anal at Round and Brown!!]

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  1. [...] Aurora Jolie anal was one of the first and then there was this black girl taking dick in her ass and now this cute redbone getting dick in her booty. They need to do more anal, but when they do [...]

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