Cherokee Face-Sitting Smothers Another One!

Cherokee facesitting
Cherokee facesitting courtesy of Black Butt Bounce

Have you ever seen a pussy snorkel? You’re going to need one if you want to breathe while these big ass cheeks are resting on your face.

You have to be a brave motherfucker to let Cherokee sit on your face. Or maybe you just like to wear a booty on your face while you worship a big black ass. I continue to be surprised that Cherokee hasn’t smothered some unfortunate co-star who thought it would be a good idea to have her to sit on his face. Hell, I’m still surprised she didn’t smother Georgia Peach.

If you happen to survive having this big ass on your face, you’re in a perfect position to get some pussy-eating in. Sticking your tongue in that pink is damn near irresistible.

I know a lot of you out there are into ebony facesitting aka queening and if there’s any ass face-sitting fans would love to have on their face, it’s Cherokee D’Ass. Click here to see more big black ass worship @ Black Butt Bounce

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5 Responses to “Cherokee Face-Sitting Smothers Another One!”

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  2. james smiley says:

    Please sit on my face. Love your ass. I volenteer if you want to make another facesitting Video.

  3. a nobody says:

    I’d do anything to be a participant in a facesitting session. Being a 33 year old virgin.

  4. joe falcone says:

    Who loves u and .reds to see u to go more then anythin in the world I love u and if u 1x in ur life take a chance I can garatee u happiness and say garanttee 4 ever if happy cause I know I feel he not 100% meet me u with out a Doug will take the chance please I beg u cause then we r always gonnna feel the same and I support anything because I only want1 thing in this life no money girls nothing I know only UI know I can’t find away so u no without thinging I’m crazy

  5. joe falcone says:

    I guarantee u this tgi was my see I thought u smashing a face. Because that was ny dream fantasy. Suffocating ne making ne beg for it and if she sees this please do anything nice guy check out I want u so bad I would be ur slave everywhere Joe Falcone on face book u reax out give my # live in brooklyn New York I swear on all holy u will be happy even if friend I really want u to abuse me on my news ansofwrcate me

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