Cherokee D’Ass Smothers Another One!

Cherokee interracial face-sitting
Cherokee interracial face-sitting

Listen up white people! I’m sick of warning you about this shit. Cherokee’s ass is not safe for face-sitting. I’m scared some horrible porn tragedy is going to happen and some poor bastard is going to get smothered in those Hindenburg ass cheeks she’s carrying around.

Consider this shit a public service announcement.

Well, if you like an ass like your mama’s ham-hocks (full of fatback), then Cherokee is your girl. I remember back in the day when Cherokee’s ass would still fit in one zip code. Those days are loooong gone.

Then again, these days, Cherokee does anal and nothing makes an ass grow like getting fucked doggystyle and having dicks in your asshole day in and day out.

Cherokee developed a love of white cock after she got banged out by those guys at Ghetto Gaggers*long pause*…and if she likes it, I love it. Here she is again taking another white dick in her ass and getting fucked until that big booty shakes. See more Cherokee anal @ Bootylicious Mag

Take a bite out of the apple booty
Black and Latina asses are the biggest you’ll ever see

Cherokee interracial analg
Cherokee takes white dick in her asshole

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5 Responses to “Cherokee D’Ass Smothers Another One!”

  1. [...] those fools who lie back and let Cherokee sit on their faces, this guy chose the proper size girl for a [...]

  2. [...] do you make a big black ass even bigger? Start getting ass-fucked. It worked for Cherokee. That ass was big before, but when she started doing anal, it blew up like the muthafuckin’ [...]

  3. Major Thomas Jr. says:

    Cherokee interacial anal scenes are my most demanded scenes. She needs to do more scenes like that. Its kinky to see black women do anal with white men. It shows how perverted black women really are. I’m black and I love it!!!

  4. HONEY says:

    I love those kind of scenes too Major Thomas Jr. I think people don’t realize that there are actually some black men who like to watch black girls with white men. Just like some white guys like to watch black on white interracial.

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. [...] and they even manage to convince some of them to do anal and put down some real classics like that Cherokee anal scene where she smothered a white dude’s [...]

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