Ambrosa Jones Black Ass Anal Video

Big black ass anal video
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How do you make a big black ass even bigger? Start getting ass-fucked. It worked for Cherokee. That ass was big before, but when she started doing anal, it blew up like the muthafuckin’ Hindenburg.

Ambrosa Jones has been doing every exercise known to man to get her ass in shape. And by “in shape”, I mean BIGGER. See, a black girl’s idea of an in shape ass is a big round ass free from all that cellulite and cottage cheese.

Even she knows that the quickest way to a big ass is through your asshole. She gets JMac to put his dick where the sun don’t shine and fuck her brown eye.

The 630×360 video clip was too big to put on this post, so I made a new page for it. Watch the black anal video clip here

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