Dark-Skinned Black Bikini Babe Vanett Jolie

dark black bikini babe
Dark-skinned black bikini babe Vanett for Round and Brown

In Miami, summer is never over. As long as the sun is still leaning on your ass, you can expect to see girls in thongs and bikinis.

The good thing about Miami is that the bikinis are so small that the girls might as well be naked. So when you see a sexy black girl in a bikini, you’ve got a beautiful view of the full moon — her round brown ass.

I love everything about this sexy, dark-skinned bikini babe — from her dimples to her butt floss bikini. Click here for more pics and video of sexy black bikini babe Vanett Jolie oiled and fucked in the sun

Summer ain’t over yet…click here for black bikini babes with oiled asses @ Round and Brown

dark black bikini babe
Dark-skinned black bikini babe Vanett for Round and Brown

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4 Responses to “Dark-Skinned Black Bikini Babe Vanett Jolie”

  1. [...] Okay, after seeing this Round and Brown video, Vanett Jolie is one of my new favorite girls. She’s got an ass you can bounce a quarter off of, a pair of perky B-cups and of course, that silky skin. You remember how good her oiled up dark skin looked in those black bikini babe pics. [...]

  2. [...] think about all the dime-pieces they’ve brought out lately. Vanett Jolie? Dimpled cutie with a booty. Bella Moretti? Could be the hottest chick in the game. America Moore? [...]

  3. Mikey says:

    I’d marry her in a Nee

  4. M says:

    I’d marry her in a New York second and wear that sweet chocolate pussy out. She may never know what it’s like to be upright again.

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