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Hydie Waters Gets Into Some White Boy Hijinks at Ghetto Gaggers

Hydie Waters for Ghetto Gaggers
Hydie Waters for Ghetto Gaggers

Hydie Waters used to be a cute girl who didn’t do too much beyond your average fuck and suck. So when I saw her show up at Ghetto Gaggers, I knew they were going to completely destroy her pretty ass.

A blowjob at Ghetto Gaggers isn’t your average deep-throat blowjob. You show up looking pretty and cute, then the white boy hijinks ensue.

It’s an all out face-fucking that leaves you covered in spit and last night’s chicken dinner while a couple of white dudes rage on you like it’s Friday night and you just drank a roofie-colada at the local frat house.

As I understand it, Hydie had to tap out early to end this scene, but she still let them nut on her face. I guess everybody has to get on the Ghetto Gaggers gravy train eventually.

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Kandee Lixxx Forced to Deep Throat @ Ghetto Gaggers

Kandee Lixxx Ghetto Gaggers deep throat
Kandee Lixxx deep throat blowjob for Ghetto Gaggers

Kandee Lixxx has always known what to do with a white guy who loves black booty. Give him a handful of ass, let him squeeze it, and get him sprung.

But none of this prepared her for Ghetto Gaggers.

Those crazy white boys could give a fuck less about your big ass and the way your booty jiggles. At Ghetto Gaggers, it’s all about how well you deep throat and how much bullshit you’re willing to put up with to get that check at the end of the day.

Kandee is one of those girls who sometimes she’s in porn and sometimes she’s out of porn. Ghetto Gaggers got her on the comeback and well…this is what happened:

This is Kandee Lixxx’s return to porn. Yup, we got her. She was a top star until she just quit because she was tired of it all. Then, one day she came back and happened to call us first. She never did anything like this, and she even told me that a man never even slapped her in her personal life. So the first time she got a crack, she yelped like a bad puppy.

The throat fucking took her buy surprise. She thought she wouldn’t make a mess, but she did; all over herself. She was a trooper though, taking slap after slap, puke after puke, until she only lost her cool at the end. Bootleg did something that pissed her off. Big Red and Bootleg both slammed her pussy until they had enough of it, tossed her on the floor and we all nutted all over her face. Look at the mess we turned her into.

Welcome back to porn Kandee Lixxx, you are officially a Ghetto Gagger!

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Porn First-Timer Precious @ Ghetto Gaggers

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I’m giving the side-eye to this entire video — starting with the fact they decided to call this bitch “Precious”. Precious, or as I like to call her, “Runs with Chicken Bucket”, took all that good titty gravy down to the Ghetto Gaggers studio and thought she was going to do a nice and easy porn scene.


I don’t know what makes a black woman decide to do her first porn movie and then jump in feet first to a Ghetto Gaggers video as her first scene.

Has she never seen this shit?

Ghetto Gaggers should be some shit you when you can’t pay your car payment, you’ve done 15 other scenes (including a DP), and your baby needs milk. Don’t do it when you’re a fresh thick chick on the block and you’ve still got a juicy pair of big brown tits to bargain with.

If Cherokee couldn’t handle it, what makes you think you can?

Precious…take yo’ ass down to the WELFARE!

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18 Year Old Gets Her Weave Dusted with White Boy Nut @ Ghetto Gaggers

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Happy Sunday fam!

I decided to drop a Sunday porn video because I was sick of looking at that black preggo with the fucked up belly and I was in the mood to laugh at some Ghetto Gaggers shit.

If you’ve got a daughter, make sure you kiss her and hug her at night, otherwise she’ll end up doing a Ghetto Gaggers scene 3 months after her 18th birthday. Chris Rock says to keep your daughters off the pole, I say keep them off the Ghetto Gaggers couch.

I’ll let Duke Skywalker tell you how this scene went down:

Shanaynay is 18 years old and doing her first porn movie. One may ask how she got the name Shanaynay. She didn’t. Red just looked at her and said, “You’re name shall be Shanaynay.” She was like 100 lbs., which is rare for someone from the hood, being that the nutrition options are limited by budget.

She had a tight stomach and wasn’t “thick” per se. To us white boys, “thick” means you need to get yo fat dimply ass to a gym yesterday. Shanaynay is just how we like ‘em: tiny and stupid; no big C-section scar with floppy ghetto tits still spraying milk. This was fresh off the ghetto assembly line.

She was also new to this type of sexual behavior. She never had a cock go past her molars before, let alone her Adam’s apple. She was all riled up, but we got her under control with the promise of a big can of cold grape soda. She enjoyed that. Then she got fucked hard. Her tiny body could barely take the big white boy cocks.

After that she took nut to the face and that thing she had on her head. I don’t know if it was a wig, but it moved several times, so Big Red nutted in it.

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Precious Gives Some Good Ghetto Head @ Ebony Cum Dumps

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Precious is nominated for a few Academy Awards tomorrow night! That doesn’t have a damn thing to do with this post, but I just thought I’d throw it out there.

This chick is named “Precious” and she’s more ghetto than most of the black girls I usually post, but that’s how they do it at Ghetto Gaggers and Ebony Cum Dumps. Amateur black chicks rule the chickenhead roost.

Amateur or not, Precious handles two white dicks and gives them that wet ghetto blowjob and handjob combo.

Ebony Cum Dumps is a little less brutal than Ghetto Gaggers, so for those of you who like to see a white dick between some black lips but can do without all the choking, spitting, and carrying on, this might be a good look for you. Click here to see who else is sucking on white pole @ Ebony Cum Dumps

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