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Osa Lovely Gets Her Mouth on a Phat White Pussy

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For all of you who like that black girls eating pussy post, you’ve gotta come check this interracial lesbian video out.

A lot of girls play like they like pussy, but they get scared when the pussy is right there in their face.

Osa Lovely IS NOT one of those girls. If you’re a regular reader of this black porn blog, you know that Osa Lovely is one of my favorite chocolate black girls from way back. Ever since her first fucking machine video and her first Round and Brown scene, I’ve been on the Osa Lovely bandwagon. I knew even back then that she was going to turn into a little freak.

So when I saw Osa Lovely dyking out with a white girl, I knew I had to post the video. You’re welcome.

But as great as Osa Lovely is, in my opinion, she’s not even the best thing in this video. You know what is? This white girl’s pussy. That fat monkey is RIDICULOUS!

If this doesn’t make all you bisexual and bicurious girls drool, I don’t know what will.

This is the phattest white pussy I have EVER seen. Respect.

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PinkyXXX Lesbian Lickfest

PinkyXXX lesbian
Pornstar PinkyXXX lesbian pics courtesy of Lesbian Sistas

You asked for more Pinky and I’m giving you more Pinky. The other day, you got to see her with the two things she likes most in the world — dick and pussy — in an interracial threesome.

Today, pussy is what’s on the menu. Bisexual pornstar PinkyXXX loves the ladies just as much as you do. So when she gets to do an ebony lesbian video, she really puts it down. Not like those half-assed hookers who only do it for the money and act like they’re scared to get their face wet.

PinkyXXX dives in the pussy and doesn’t come up for air until she feels a girl’s legs squeezing her neck and the juice dripping down her chin. Pass this girl a pussy snorkel because she’s a certified pussy eater.

You can download PinkyXXX lesbian movies and see more black pornstars licking pussy and dyking out. Many of these Lesbian Sistas movies come straight from the award-winning black lesbian movie series Sistas.

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black girls who know how to eat pussy

PinkyXXX lesbian
Pornstar PinkyXXX booty pics courtesy of Lesbian Sistas

Bisexual Black Freaks Suck Dick and Swap the Sperm

Bisexual black girls fucking
Bisexual black girls fucking

I love some freaky bisexual and lesbian girls. These two black girls didn’t just stop at dyking out with each other. They shared a dick too!

One girl sucked his dick while her friend finger-fucked her pussy and licked his balls at the same time. Now THAT’s a multi-tasker!

If you ever thought black girls don’t like swallowing sperm, just take a look at this movie. These black girls don’t just swallow it, but they play with eat and eat it up like they can’t get enough. He busts a nut in one girl’s mouth and she cumswaps it back into her friends mouth with a lesbian kiss.

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Juicy and Liani are two ghetto hoodrats who tapped out of so we had them do a swallow scene for What I love about black chicks and cum are most of them pretend to not like it. Deep down inside they really do, and they do things with us that they would never do with a brotha. We had these two hoes share a pole after some ghetto lesbian action. When it came time to receive the white man’s load they opened wide and took every drop. To our surprise, they began to swap it back and forth like it was the latest flavor of Kool Aid. After it went back and forth several times, she swallowed it like a good obedient hood rat. They were surprised they engaged in such behavior, but the hoodrat is programmed to love the white cock. Click here to download these black girls swallowing cum movies and watch black girls choke down big, juicy loads of cum

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